Put Pages in Their Place with a Koobar Page Tamer (Bookmark/Paperweight/Placeholder Thingy).

The Koo Bar

RAGERS! These guys tried to buy our domain a while back and we’ve been plotting to go over there and party with them for ages. If you’re in the UK, take your Koobar to the Koo Bar and show ’em … Continue reading

The Koobas!

There are at least two, count ’em two, amazing things about this.   1. There’s a band called the Koobas. All they needed was an “R” and they could have been the official band of book, newspaper and magazine readers … Continue reading

Ecky Thump!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We here at Koobar do not in anyway condone the use of Koobars as a weapon. Mostly ’cause we know how much it hurts to get smacked with one (don’t ask how). Also we should point out there … Continue reading

The Koo Bar

WHO KNEW? As is turns out, not only are there a few folks with the surname “Koobar” somewhere in the Middle East, but there’s a Restaurant & Bar called the Koo Bar too. If you’re ever over in London with … Continue reading

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